1-EARTH: Santa Maria del Popolo

2-AIR: St. Peter's Square

3-FIRE: Santa Maria della Vittoria

4-WATER: Piazza Navona

5-Lair: Castel Sant' Angelo

6-Passage: The Passetto

7-Conclave: Sistine Chapel

8-Tomb: St. Peter's Basilica

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Angels and demons in Rome’s architecture

Rome stands out for being a majestic and impressive city that has many things that will undoubtedly delight you. Fabulous escorts will tell you that it can be considered as an immense museum that transports you to glorious ages. Let these exquisite ladies prepare for you an adventure that you will treasure forever.

A marvelous city filled with iconic architectonic jewels

When you visit Rome, you are immediately captivated by the magic of history reflected by its peculiar neighborhoods. As your splendid escort will inform you, this town allows you to enjoy an interesting contrast between the modern and ancient world.

One of the most magnificent places that you will have the chance to visit is Santa Maria della Vittoria church. It was built by the order of barefooted Carmelites and was initially dedicated to Saint Paul. However, after the Catholic victory in the Battle of the White Mountain, it was consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

A battered image was recovered by a friar of the order from the ruins of a country house of a Bohemian Christian nobleman as your acquainted escort Paris from http://www.sexemodel.com/ will inform you. The religious were convinced that it was a miraculous statue that assisted them to win the battle. For that reason they named the icon as Santa Maria della Vittoria which means Saint Mary of the Victory.

This church is the only structure designed and completed by the early Baroque architect, Carlo Maderno. However, a few years later the interior had to be restored because it was burned in a fire.

The interior of the church has a single and wide nave under a low segmented vault with three lateral chapels interconnected behind arches separated by colossal Corinthian pilasters. Contrasting marble linings are enriched with angels as you will be able to appreciate with your dazzling lady companions from the SexeModel.

The interior was progressively enriched after the death of the architect. Its vault was frescoed with triumphant subjects within compartments. In one of them you can observe the Virgin Mary triumphing over the Heresy and Fall of the rebellious angels, an artwork executed by Giovanni Domenico Cerrini.

Impressive artworks created by the most skilled virtuosos

If you want to enjoy the most exquisite creations of the most renowned representatives of art, then you should visit the Chigi Church. It was commissioned by a reputable banker to Rafael Sanzio to serve as a funeral chapel for his family as amazing escorts will explain you.

The artist reformed the old Gothic chapel and designed a harmonious unique space that, later, was completed by Bernini.

Raphael himself was in charge of the design of the mosaics of the dome and of the pictorial decoration which were executed by skillful artists. The chapel hosts the most spectacular sculptures as stunning escorts will show you, specially Habacuc and the angel of Bernini.

However, in Rome you will not find only statues representing higher realms. Around the year 1496 an effigy of Bacchus was commissioned by a roman banker to Michelangelo.

The artist represents the personage with a satyr at his side. This curious character is part of Greco-Roman mythology. As your clever escort will explain you, the great sculptor aims to portray the demon that numbs and seduces Bacchus into getting drunk.

Statue Basilica Basilica

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